• any ideas for spreadsheets over 1 meg?

  • To share larger files, try Dropbox (www.dropbox.com).

    My company has a product that might help if you need to mail different parts of spreadsheets to different people (i.e. for project management or commissions).

    The product is OneClick Commissions and you just upload a spreadsheet to the service (Excel or Google Spreadsheet) and it just sends the items associated with each person (or payee, for commissions) and sends them in a professional PDF to the recipient/payee.

    You can check it out here: http://www.oneclickcommissions.com/learn-more.html

  • Bill W, I use Dropbox and your OneClick service and both have saved me save me hours every month. Note that using Google Apps removes the need for Dropbox ( I use the OneClick Integrated Google Spreadsheet App http://www.oneclickcommissions.com/gab.html ).

    Please create templates for Google as you did for Excel (Excel ones were great and I expect the same when you create ones for Google)! Thank you.

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