googledocs.jpgIf you are looking for a way to collaborate on a MS Excel file with a friend or colleague, take a look at Google Docs. It allows you to upload and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online without need to have MS Office or Openoffice installed on your PC. After uploading your documents, you can in vite others to work on the uploaded document.This certainly beats emailing whole Excel files back and forth and trying to keep track on the latest revisions.

Share.jpgTo begin, you need to get a gmail account if you don’t have one yet. After logging in, click on Documents, then Upload. Once you’ve uploaded your Excel file, click the file to open it. On the right side on the open document will be 3 tabs. Click on the middle one that says Share. Then, simply enter the email addresses of the persons you want to collaborate with and click ‘Invite Collaborators’.

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