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Can You Trade Stocks 24/7 By Using Online Brokers To Trade In Other Markets Once The Us Market Closes?

For example, I buy 1000 shares of a stock for $10 each on the US Market for a total of $10,000. The US Market closes at 4pm Eastern.
If an indicator comes out after the US Market closes to indicate the stock will significantly fall in price as soon as the US Market opens tomorrow, can I use my online broker to sell the stock in an overseas market that was originally traded in the US Market so that I can sell that stock in its entirety for profit prior to the US Market opening again in the morning and having the value of the stock plummet?
Basically I am looking to ensure I don’t take a loss by selling the stock in a foreign market for profit prior to the US Market opening again in the morning.
Is this possible? If so, how can it be done?
If this is not possible, why can’t the stock be traded in a foreign market, just as foreign stocks are bought and sold here in the US Market?

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