I Would Like To Trade Online Stocks In The Us Market, How To Do It If I Am A Foreigner?

I am interested in buying some specific stocks in the Us Market, however I have found that brokerage firms requires to open an account to be US citizens or residents with US Social Security Number. Which choices do I have as a foreigner to buy/sell stocks in the Us Market. Or do you know broker firm for foreigners? thank you very much


  • i think most of online stock brokers in US accept foreign investors. You must register as alien ( not US citizen ).

  • Formerly known as Frank Castle

    SSNs are ONLY for residents.
    If you are a foreigner then you don’t have a SSN.
    Let me be very clear about this.
    If you are a foreigner then you don’t need a SSN to open a brokerage account. Just say you are a foreginer and you will be fine.
    You don’t have to pay any taxes either.

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