When U Sell Stocks Online, When Do U Get The Money?

is it the company ( i mean line etrade and stuff like that) u r using to trade stocks that buys ur stocks and sell them to the other pple who want to buy the stock?
or do u place them in the market and u get ur money when it is sold?

10 thoughts on “When U Sell Stocks Online, When Do U Get The Money?”

  1. The brokerage places the orders on the exchange for you and handles the processing of the order. The money and shares are yours the whole time, all the brokerage does is just place orders and handle accounts like a bank. As soon as you sell shares the money is yours and you can wire it out or transfer it the same day.

  2. if you have margin enabled then you can use the money from the sold shares right away. otherwise you need to wait 3 days in the US. other places are different.

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