How To Reduce Tummy Fat In Real Life

How To Reduce Tummy Fat

Finding out how to reduce tummy fat fast can be a real challenge. I’ve searched high and low trying to find the magical method of losing weight while sitting at my computer all day. Sad to say, I’ve discovered that sitting all day is the least effective method of getting six pack abs. Nonetheless, here are some ways on how to reduce tummy fat effectively.

Cut Down on Processed Carbohydrates

Over consuming large quantities of cereals, pasta, breads (even whole grains) and candies are bad for you. Period. Eating these high carb foods makes it harder for your body to lose tummy fat. Even so called high fibre breads tend to add to the problem because most of them contain refined flour. You are better off getting your carbs from sprouted grain products, fruits and vegetables. In fact, sweet potato is a great nutrient dense food that’s also a healthy carbohydrate source.

Exercises To Reduce Tummy Fat

How to reduce tummyWe’ve often seen on TV how shapely models effortlessly perform crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts in order to reduce their tummy fat. But these are not the most effective ab workouts for your stomach. For exercises to reduce tummy fat, try instead the renegade dumbbell row and the floor mountain climbers. These ab exercise work your abs while giving you a full body workout as well.

Eating Healthy Fat

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