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Sends and receives text messages to your database of phone numbers or to individual recipient. The XM SMS PRO is designed for the businesses, companies and institutions which want to:

  • Improve the communication with their clients/suppliers or employees
  • Automate the communication procedure
  • Remind their clients about upcoming events, offers
  • Ask for an individual feedback and receive it immediately
  • Push market any product or service… with the guarantee that it will reach your target audience


Insurance companies or other financial institutions use the system to discreetly remind their customers about payments deadlines, policy renewals or just simply to inform about new offers or other important matters. Doctors/practitioners offices can use text messages to remind their patients about the appointments or changes in their schedule. (An independent survey conducted in the UK shows that this method reduced the number of absences among patients by 45%, which contributed to more efficient time management and cost savings).

Schools/educational institutions can utilize the system to communicate with their students or their parents (sending SMS with test/exam results or report sheets for parents).

Stores/shops can notify their customers about new offers or arrivals.


  • Sends and receives text messages from the computer using a UMTS / 3G / GSM modem – no internet connection required!
  • Tracks delivery results – delivery status report
  • Scheduling option – the system automatically sends text messages according to the schedule set up by the operator (this feature is useful for sending reminders about important events)
  • Creates a database of customers/clients/subscribers or suppliers
  • Users can register themselves remotely by sending a text message to the system from their cell phones
  • Organizes and groups the subscribers/users from the database into categories (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.)
  • Imports contacts into the database from text files, Excel and MS Access files
  • Exports data to the text file
  • All messages (incoming, outgoing and waiting) are stored in the system and can be easily found using various search criteria
  • Automatic response to inquiries sent by text message
  • External outbox and inbox equipped with simple interface enables text communication with other programs and applications
  • Significantly saves costs of sending text messages by organizing subscribers/users according to their GSM service providers

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